Attract and Appoint New Patients with Social Media

More than 90% of prospects begin their search for a dentist online. But having a website alone is not enough to be visible to most prospects, as your search engine listing will be buried deep underneath the practices who have optimized their online presence.

Skillful use of social media not only boosts your search engine rankings (which allows more prospects to find you online) – it also helps you convert prospects into appointed patients by showing the personality and compassion of your practice. An active Facebook presence is simply a must-do for dentists who are serious about growing their practice.

Beyond growing your practice, you also need to know how to use social media to protect your practice. Negative reviews happen to everyone, even the most professional and polished practices. If left unchecked (or if you respond poorly), a negative online review can cripple your practice.

So now more than ever, you need to actively learn how to manage your social media. While everyone under the age of 35 thinks they’re an expert on social media, very few people are experts on how to monetize social media for dentists.

So we’re here to help with the Social Media Starter Kit.

Social Media Kit

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